I don’t know if you recently tried a Google search for “Armani Hotel Milan”. If you had, you would have found this announcement from Google: “Armani/SPA is temporarily closed. If that’s wrong, you can suggest an edit.”

The first confusion is about the Hotel and the Spa: the latter is in the hotel but it’s only a part and a service of it.

Either way, both Armani Hotel Milano and Spa are open.

I don’t know what is the origin of this sort of mini “fake news”. I can only guess without any certainty that it might have been the old news going back to the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in Milan in February and March 2020, when on March 10 the top fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who gave his name to the Armani fashion empire, closed everything with his brand in Milan: shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Interestingly, the Corriere della Sera (references at the end), Milan’s newspaper and with La Repubblica one of the top two dailies in Italy, reporting this news at the time and hailing Armani as a hero of civic responsibility, has today next to this article a more recent link to a photo of an affectionately embracing couple, with the writing: “The embrace at the time of the pandemic: a symbol that becomes a jewel. Contact deprivation has created anxiety and stress in people. This is why this gesture is so important. Now more than ever.”

Either the main media have a schizoid mind or this is a sign of changing times: even the mainstream media are recognizing that the coronavirus isolation’s disadvantages (economic as well as pertaining to physical and psychological health) have finally showed to be greater than the advantages.

This seems to be the moment of the marriage between fashion and hotels: among the most popular luxury hotels in Milan are Armani and Bulgari.

Il Corriere della Sera 10 March 2020