By Enza Ferreri

To find out what people believe, don’t look at what they say, look at what they do.

You can easily lie with words, much more difficult is to lie with actions.

Boris Johnson’s Partygate

If the Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson – and, for that matter, any other politicians attending this famous, or infamous, 10 Downing Street party during lockdown – had really believed that the virus was so dangerous that without locking people up, bombarding them with messages like “Stay home, save lives”, making them feel guilty and panicky for going against these rules, mandating the number of people who could meet together indoors and even outdoors, imposing the exactly specific 6 feet distance each person had to maintain from other individuals, coercing the public to wear masks and so on, if those in government had really believed that all this was true, would they have violated the regulations that, in their opinions, would have kept them safe from potentially serious illness and possibly death?

Talking about hypocrisy and accusing the Downing Street party goers of being irresponsible and guilty is simply a waste of debating time, pointless.

We should be grateful that these breaches of rules, indeed of “the law”, by the high powers who dictate them occur, because they help us open our own eyes.

What we should focus on is that behaviours like this – and others, more of it later – are revealing, as they expose what the individuals involved really think in private, rather than what they say in public.

By “risking” their personal life, they show that they don’t believe that there is a real, serious risk. They wouldn’t risk their health and even life (remember Britain’s mantra for months and months “Stay home, save lives”) for a party, otherwise.

Neil Ferguson

Even more than to people in political power this applies to medical professionals, academic and researchers “scientists” who “should know better”.

Enter Professor Neil Ferguson, a British scholar of mathematical models applied to biology and an epidemiologist, Head of the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology of Imperial College London.

He advises the World Health Organization, the European Union, the UK and US governments on infectious disease epidemiology. Under Boris Johnson, he was government advisor on SAGE, Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, committee.

Nicknamed “Professor Lockdown”, Ferguson is the Head of the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team who was responsible for the model of the novel coronavirus epidemic at the beginning of the scare, model which predicted very high numbers of infection cases and death casualties if strict lockdown had not been implemented and which has exerted enormous influence on how governments all over the world have been managing Covid-19.

All this trust in his and his team’s guidance is despite the record number of previous failures in the accuracy of predictions of various human and animal epidemics Professor Ferguson had accumulated over the years.

On 5 May 2020 Ferguson “risked” his own life and that of his married mistress by disregarding the measures he had said he thought were necessary for all the other people. He admitted to having allowed her to travel across London to visit him at home at least twice and resigned from his SAGE position.

There Are Other Ways, Now Neglected, To Save Lives

These slips are refreshing, because, in the current chaos of half information, misinformation and outright lies, confusing the ordinary people about what is true and not true, these blunders and false steps donate to us the great present of a glimpse of clarification, dispelling at least part of the fog.

Our governments have been imposing terrible restrictions on us giving as motivation the protection of “public health”. That they don’t care so much about our health is shown by how little, ridiculously insufficient effort they put into fighting crime, in particular violent crime, which is certainly not very good for the victims’ health.

The USA in 2020, in conjunction with Covid and subsequent lockdown, has been subjected to an atrocious de facto civil war for half a year following the death of George Floyd. The innocent people of the great country of the United States have been the victims of something probably more dangerous than Covid, due to political pressures of an extremely violent nature, namely riots which were intertwined with criminal activities – from shoplifting and looting to burning and destruction of buildings to vandalization of historic monuments to shooting, beating up, maiming and killing people. These and other pressures, coupled with shouts of “Defund the police!” and understandable, general demoralization of the police force which has seen a rise in numbers of early retirements, have led to a great spike in crime in the US in the last couple of years, amidst a totally inadequate response from part of the political class.

Interestingly, during those months of constant rioting I did a Google search, thinking (I was still a bit naive back then) that the number of Covid cases should have gone through the roof in those cities and areas with huge gatherings and assemblies of people. I found nothing indicating that. Instead I found an article reporting that medical experts were saying that protests like those of BLM and Antifa were good for health, because they were an outlet for righteous and justified anger, thus enhancing mental and therefore physical sanity.

Now, if this is not a vindication of Darwin’s theory I don’t know what is: we now have viruses, primitive organisms as they are, which (or who?) are so evolved that they can selectively target people according to their political affiliation: the Right-wing individuals, when they assemble (as, for example, in a rally in support of Trump) are doing something wrong because they spread Covid-19, but not the Left-wing people, as super-intelligent viruses leave them alone.

In the UK there has also been, especially in London, a recent surge in crime. It’s hard to see the famous bobbies on the beat reassuring the public.

And scooters in Britain now, not just cyclists as has been for a long time, are allowed to drive on pavements and other spaces reserved to pedestrians, while policemen turn a blind eye. After all, these vehicles are saving all the world from the apocalyptic catastrophe of anthropogenic global warming! What are a few lives and limbs worth in comparison with that?

It seems that what is safe or unsafe and good or bad for health has increasingly become a political matter, rather than a medical one.

How indeed can we trust them?

Look at what Fauci is up to. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, of which he is Director, performs experiments on puppies by injecting them with cocaine. Previously the same Institute:

forced beagle puppies into mesh cages to allow sand flies to attack their heads, and spread parasites.

Some of the dogs’ vocal cords were removed so that Fauci’s researchers did not have to hear them cry.

At the time, FDA officials clarified that none of these experiments require testing on dogs.

These are the totally ethical health experts we are supposed to trust.

I conclude with a word of encouragement for the Freedom Convoy protests of truckers in Canada, the US, France, Holland, and we hope other countries which will join them.


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