Nov, 2019
Nov, 2019
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Common but Confusing Words for Weekday and Vacation

While in Italy, you’ll often find a frequently-used word that may puzzle you at first: “feriale”, plural “feriali”. The most common context in which you’ll see this word is in the days and hours of opening of shops, services, offices and so on. You’ll read something like “Aperto giorni feriali 8 – 13”, which means […]

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No Chewing Gum during Flight Take-Off and Landing

When you're on a plane, what do you do? Many people chew gum during a flight. Smokers or ex-smokers, for example, thus find a replacement to cigarettes. Other flyers chew gum to relieve boredom. There's also a group who do it for health reasons: chewing gum, as well as sucking on candy, has for some [...]
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