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Expedia UK, Save Money and Get ATOL Protected

Expedia is one of the world’s leading and best-known online travel agents offering full service and, if you like, many different services from one single agency: flights, accommodation (hotels and other), cars, activities, even cruises.

So, when the great moment of organizing your travel to Italy by air comes, you start with the choice of booking a flight directly through a specific airline website or what is known as an aggregator.

One of the most popular aggregators is Expedia UK .

The idea behind aggregators (sometimes called comparison sites or price comparison sites) is to save the traveling client time and money by replacing visits to several websites with a visit to a single site, the aggregator’s, which searches for deals across multiple travel sites and displays the results in one place, making it easier to find the lowest rates or at least some of them. As is well known to anybody who has even watched the TV and seen the ads, aggregators exist in many other industries as well as travel, and some aggregators cover all or most sectors.

Travel and flight aggregators provide information on a vast array of companies and operators and search for the best product or offer according to your specifications.

Not only you save time and money by booking flight and hotel, and possibly car hire, together rather than reserving them separately, but also you are legally protected (what is called “ATOL” protected in the UK) in case of unexpected problems because by law you are booking what is termed a “package holiday”.

With Expedia UK you’re not short of destinations or services: it has local websites in more than 30 countries, access to over a million bookable properties around the world (vacation rentals, small boutique hotels, main brands), to more than 500 airlines, 175+ car hire companies, and all sorts of ground transport, things to do and travel experiences.

Travelers can save up to £500 (nearly 700 US dollars) by booking flight and hotel together.

Now the Expedia mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearables, which have, among others, tools like airport and hotel maps, flight status notifications and hotel check-out times, allow people to plan and book on the move.

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One of the world’s leading online travel agencies is , providing one-stop travel booking services: flights, accommodation, cars, tours, activities, attractions, even trains, special deals, all in one place, whether you want to use just one of these services or more. offers an incredible choice, with a hotel network of over 1.2 million properties across 200 countries and regions: from budget hotels for a family vacation to 5-star luxury resorts. You can find the cheapest deals on’s flight network includes more than 2 million individual flight routes, connecting over 5,000 cities all over the world.

Add to that 24/7 English customer service, a wide range of travel products, and platforms with 400 million members and 45 million reviews, and you’ll experience a lot of support.

Isola Bella, Taormina, Sicily
Isola Bella, Taormina, Sicily


Save Money on Flights, Holidays to Italy. CheapOair, BookingBuddy, CheapAir, Terravision


A popular company operating since 2005, helping travelers save money by touring the world at a discount is CheapOair .

CheapOair provides airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and vacation packages in collaboration with top travel brands.

The good news is that one of them is Ryanair, the cheapest, most convenient way to fly to Italy from European airports. CheapOair finds Ryanair cheap flights for you.

You can save on first class airfares on flights using coupon FC100 .


You can use a similar aggregator, BookingBuddy , to find and book cheap flights, hotels, holiday packages, car rentals.

BookingBuddy compares rates from all major travel websites to find the lowest price and the best deals, saving you time and money.


CheapAir is a travel comparison site. It simplifies the way you search for travel deals, airplane tickets, hotels, cars.

CheapAir shopping engine does all your work by searching the web for the lowest prices.


If you want low-cost airport transfers between Europe’s main airports and their respective city centres, you can book them with Terravision , with no booking fee.

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Positano view
Positano view


Ways of Flying to Italy

The cheapest time to book a flight, particularly if it’s to a popular destination and you use a low-cost airline like, in Europe, Ryanair and EasyJet, is early on.

As soon as you have decided when you want to be in Italy, the best time to reserve a flight is as soon as possible, even if it’s a few months before departure.

Especially if you wish to travel in the summer, you get the lowest prices and best availability earlier on, because the cheapest tickets get quickly snatched and prices tend to increase while the date of the holiday gets closer. This is true not just about travelling to Italy but also the rest of Europe.

If you wait until too late, only the most expensive fares will remain. Booking a flight in the last two weeks before departure is probably the most expensive method. The worst time to buy the ticket is at the last minute, namely a day before the date of leaving, the second worst is two days before, and it builds up like that gradually for 14 days.

It’s different and not so simple with national flag carriers and full service scheduled airlines, which change prices to optimise amount of sales, levels of prices and profits. So their prices can go down as well as up.

But, even in their case, if you travel at a busy and popular time of the year, in high season like summer or over Christmas, the fare will not be much reduced because the company is sure to sell the ticket. And the same applies to high-demand routes and destinations, easily sold out.

Another consideration is that of protection. If you book a flight and a hotel or other accommodation separately online, your holiday is not protected, in the sense that, in case something goes wrong, you will not get a full refund.

But you could book a package holiday: it just means that two or more components of your holiday, for example flight and hotel (and/or car rental), are booked from the same company either at the same time or even within a 24-hour period. This would give you legal protection.

If your holiday lasts 1 or 2 weeks, and considering that booking flight and accommodation together is cheaper than booking them separately, sometimes the whole package will not cost you much more than the price of the flights.

Ryanair flight
Ryanair flight


If you fly to Italy from a European country, Ryanair is the most obvious inexpensive choice.

The Irish airline Ryanair is Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, connecting 222 destinations in 37 European countries. It invented the idea of the cheap, “no-frills” flight in the distant 1984 when it was founded, and its slogan is “Low fares, Made simple.”

The concept of avoiding additional fare costs for the passenger by not adding services which are not required or even desired by the customer, as airlines used to do in that time – meals for a start, which in an all-European flight that only lasts few hours are not necessary and often not the healthiest option either – was clever, as well as finding different ways to cover the company’s operational costs without burdening the client, for example on-flight advertisements sometimes even on the back of the seats.

On the subject of in-flight meals, there is something to add. On a flight, especially a short one, you should eat only if you feel hungry and not just to relieve boredom – which is what should be the general eating behaviour guideline anyway.
Keep hydrated, and have fruit and other healthy snacks with you in your hand luggage for you to eat. The food served by airlines is quite salty, as it has been salted for preservation purposes, so it’s best avoided.

Ryanair’s new method of flying has revolutionised the industry and helped European internal travel mobility, bringing Europe closer at a level never reached before.

For this, in all frankness, we should be grateful to the Irish company.

It’s the company that people love to hate and, true, there are other low-cost airlines (although not many), but, if you accept queues and don’t expect luxury, Ryanair has been doing a good job.

Its primary operational bases are in Ireland at Dublin Airport and in Britain at London Stansted Airport: I don’t know about Dublin, but in Stansted Ryanair appears like one of the airport’s major carriers.

Ryanair has been repeatedly criticised by the Consumers Association and by several media reports in recent years for its customer service and even its security measures. But all this seems to have been, in typical media fashion, greatly exaggerated.

Ryanair does serve in-flight meals but they are not included in the flight price, the legspace of its cabin seats is certainly very limited and it can hardly be called the height of comfort.

It’s a question of whether you prefer to spend a bit more (how much?) to get a better service.


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