By Enza Ferreri

All over Italy, as in other countries of the world including the UK, France, Greece, Australia, July 24th has been the day of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom, under the banner of World Wide Demonstration.

On the same day several countries around the world have been home to demonstrations against the Covid-19 restrictions disproportionate to the real magnitude of the health problem. Cities were united for five fundamental freedoms: freedom of speech, movement, choice, assembly and health.

In Italy the protest, organized by World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy Italy and labeled World Wide Demonstration 3.0 Italy, to signify the third edition of the global event, was held, according to the organizers, in 81 Italian cities great and small, including Milan, Florence, Turin, Perugia, Bologna, Genoa, Palermo, Aosta, Naples, Catania, Massa, Alghero, Pescara, Rome, Padua, Cagliari, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia, Biella, Parma, Varese, Pordenone, Ravenna, Forlì, Lodi, Como. In some cases, as in Florence, there have been two separate marches on the same day.

The official Worldwide demonstration was in Ostia, the port town of Ancient Rome, starting in the Castel Fusano pinewood, with meeting in Viale Mediterraneo 85, and lasted from 3pm to 8pm.

Don’t call us no vax, we’re free vax, we want to be able to choose whether or not to vaccinate.

The above was the rallying cry in opposition to the “Green Pass, the worst rights violation since 1938” during the so-called «No fear day», echoing the banner “Wake up and smell the tyranny, Covid is a hoax, your government is lying to you” raised in London in a Trafalgar Square full to the brim.

The Green Pass will become mandatory to access bars and restaurants indoors, gyms and cinemas from August 6, the Italian Government decided.

The organizers of the Italian protests say that the Green Pass is the worst violation of the inviolable rights of the citizen since 1938 to date, an instrument of blackmail to impose compulsory vaccination and a form of discrimination that cannot be used in these terms, even considering European Union’s legislation.

Joining the protests were several associations of workers and businesses in sectors, like bars and restaurants, which have already been terribly affected by the lockdown, and now risk even more losses due to the restrictions imposed by the Green Pass.

Similar demonstrations had been held before, like earlier this year in Sanremo, when at the same time as the Sanremo musical event “Festival della Canzone Italiana” was staged the “Festival dell’Apertura Italiana”, Sanremo Festival of Italian Reopening 2021.

Associations of entrepreneurs, workers, fair and exhibition organizers, affected by the serious economic crisis caused by the Covid lockdown, protested a few steps away from the Ariston Theatre hosting the Sanremo Festival, saying they simply want to get back their jobs and freedom.

July 24th was also declared World Ivermectin Day by an international coalition of doctors, medical professionals and others, with the aim of sharing the clinical-evidence-based message that Ivermectin is a safe and affordable drug that can treat Covid-19 with great success.

July 28th saw new demonstrations against the Green Pass and the coronavirus lockdown in Rome and other Italian cities.


Demonstration against Green Pass in Turin, Italy, 24 july 2021 ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO