By Enza Ferreri

Italy’s Green Pass Imposed on Workers

Italy is about to make a Covid-19 Green Pass compulsory for all workers, after a new law was approved by the government on September 16.

Britain’s Financial Times has called this Green Pass

strictest measure in Europe so far to curtail movement based on vaccination status.

The Italian government describes the Green Pass as a digital and printable (paper) certification, which attests one of these conditions: having had the COVID-19 vaccination, or being negative to a rapid antigenic test or molecular test performed in the last 48 hours, or being cured of COVID-19 in the last six months.

Fortunately for workers, the use of Covid-19 Green Certification, which will be extended to all public and private employment, has a time limit: from October 15 through December 31, 2021, “the end of the state of emergency”.

Rome’s Deputy Commissioner: “Disobeying is a Duty”

A No Green Pass protest on September 25 in Rome counted an unusual participant: Rome’s Deputy Commissioner Nunzia Alessandra Schillirò, who was among the speakers addressing the crowd, although her speech was not even planned. She used strong words for a policewoman, grabbing headlines and risking her own career in the Force.

The Italian capital’s deputy commissioner called the Green Pass “the discrimination card” and, surprisingly, quoting Gandhi, Ms Schilirò invoked “civil disobedience” as a “sacred duty when the State becomes despotic”. And then again: “Evil in history has never won.”

“My bosses will not have liked it” she uttered immediately after her speech on the dais in St John’s Square in Rome, a square packed for the No Green Pass demonstration. The police headquarters have initiated disciplinary action against her. The outcome will be known in the coming days.

The right to work cannot be restricted by a card. The green pass for me is illegitimate because it violates our Constitution, and I swore an oath to the Constitution. So on that dais I was not only exercising a right, for me it was also a duty”.

Rome’s Deputy Commissioner made the above statements in an interview broadcast on Italian TV, adding that article 54 in the Italian Constitution says those who exercise a public function have the duty to respect the Constitution.

Stated Ms Schillirò, whose father is a doctor and disagrees with her, that the Green Pass is not only incompatible with the Constitution but also has no scientific basis:

Today we know that the data coming from Australia, Great Britain, Israel say that the vaccine does not immunize. The Italian National Institute of Health recently said that the vaccinated get sick and infect others.

La Repubblica