By Enza Ferreri

Italian doctor Dr Riccardo Szumski has been a General Practitioner, what used to be called a family doctor, for 40 years, and for 26 years he’s been involved in the local government of his town, Santa Lucia di Piave in North-East Italy: both mayor for 4 times and deputy mayor. He is currently the mayor of Santa Lucia di Piave, which is in Veneto, the region whose capital is Venice. His town’s folk must like him for having re-elected him so many times.

Since March 2020 he’s been saying that we can use drugs that are effective against what is the degeneration of the SARS-Cov-2 virus causing inflammation with thrombosis and embolism, which then goes on to devastate the lung and the circulatory system.

Dr Szumski has been treating Covid patients in their home with anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs, with good results.

He says in a video:

When I told them [officialdom], they replied that there are no official studies [why don’t they make them, I wonder: Enza’s comment], and we already had [in Italy] the protocol “Tachipirina[containing the active ingredient paracetamol]-hydration-vigilant waiting”.

There are many doctors throughout Italy who do the same as I do with passion and continue to treat patients.

I am part of a group of Italian doctors called “Covid-19 Home Therapies”, which also includes consultant physicians and specialist doctors. They put me in charge of our scientific board. We also treat remotely, I send prescriptions via WhatsApp.

Why is this experience that we physicians have in the field not used as a model? I don’t want to change the current protocol. If I post my method on Facebook I get censored. What is the point of censoring it? Why can’t it be said that there is a positive experience?

We don’t want those who are sick (and with the current protocol continue to be sick) to go to hospitals’ Intensive Care Units and put the healthcare system under pressure.

Among the drugs useful for fighting inflammation is cortisone. They say we should not prescribe it because it weakens the immune system, but I don’t give it for 1 year, I give it for 1 week and there are no consequences. What does our body do to fight inflammation? It produces cortisol.

He also says that a very obvious reason why there are more cases this year than last year is that more tests are being done.

It is also clear that the PCR test is inaccurate, with many false positives, declaring ill people who are not.

In the video, filming a public event in the town of Cesena significantly called “No Paura Day” (No Fear Day) at which Dr Szumski was a speaker, a presenter said:

The fact that autopsies were not done immediately is a fact of unprecedented gravity. The EMA (European Medicines Agency) is 89% financed, 33 million euros per year, by big pharma: this shows which interests are at stake. The World Health Organization, whose protocols were followed by Speranza [Italy’s Health Minister], is funded and takes orders from private individuals like Bill Gates and from China.

The presenter then goes on naming some of the many doctors in Italy who adopt and support the same approach as Dr Szumski’s of treating Covid patients with drugs at home:

It is now months and months that I continue to say what this honest doctor says, Montanari said it, Bacchus said it, De Mari said it, Tarro said it, many honest doctors said it, but the people, confused and misled by television and newspapers, by pounding and hammering media propaganda and terrorism, do not seem to get the message.

A physician mentioned in the above quotation, one of the many frontline doctors in Italy who follow and recommend drug therapy at home for Covid, is Dr. Silvana De Mari, doctor and psychologist, whom we have already covered here in a previous post.

She says that there are cures for Covid-19 which, treated in the right way, is not at all that monster they make us believe. As I said, numerous more Italian (and, of course, non-Italian) doctors say similar things, that there are suitable and effective treatments for this disease but they are not used. Who knows why? Maybe because in this way the panic would disappear and consequently the forced and anti-constitutional impositions with which they want to continue to afflict us? Is this really an experiment to prepare something even worse, such as the Great Reset?

At the moment we cannot give an affirmative answer to all these questions on the basis of irrefutable evidence, but the likelihood of them seems every day greater and greater.

We’ll explore more in depth the topic of these existing treatments in forthcoming articles, as well as other topics related to the novel coronavirus.

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash