Dec, 2019
Dec, 2019
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Amalfi Underwater Nativity Scene in Emerald Grotto

Amalfi, the historic seaside town that gives its name to the celebrated Amalfi Coast of stunning beauty, is not the only location in Italy where an underwater Nativity scene is set up in December, but it is the first place to start that tradition in the 1960s. Not the first Nativity scene, which was created […]

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St Andrew, Patron Saint of Amalfi and Scotland, Celebrated Today in Amalfi

Today is 30th November, St. Andrew’s Day. The English-speaking world knows that Scotland celebrates this as the feast day of her own patron saint, the Apostle Saint Andrew, the first disciple of Jesus, to whom he introduced his brother Simon, destined to be called Peter by Christ and appointed by Him to be the Head […]

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