The country of Romeo and Juliet, Italy, has the 2nd oldest population in the world.

It is “one of the oldest countries in the world”: these are the words of the Italian official Institute of Statistics Istat, which in its Yearbook explains how the cause is the decrease in the birth rate together with the increase in life expectancy:

In 2018 the decline in births continues, from 458,151 in 2017 to 439,747, new historical low since the Unification of Italy [which occurred in 1861]… The average life expectancy, however, stands at 80.8 years for males and 85.2 years for females.

Year after year Italy’s number of births has been constantly decreasing. It’s the effect of progressive de-Christianisation, with its accompaniment of contraceptives, abortion, and the phenomenon of “sexual liberation” which separates sexuality, a biological concept intimately linked to reproduction, from its natural consequence, procreation.

In our secular societies this is generally considered as a healthy sign of freedom, taking control, women’s “empowerment”, but now, not only in Italy but all over Europe, we can separate the facts from the fiction and see that in effect it produces the decay of societies.

Very likely, there will be no future for our society, nation, country, race, culture.

Mathematics is not an opinion: the average number of children per woman in Italy has kept on falling and is now 1.29, whereas the bare minimum for a population to be just replaced at the same level is 2 children per woman.

This is not a fate that only Italy is facing, but also other countries in Europe and in the part of the world that has been Europeanized, inheriting European populations and civilization, which, to avoid long descriptions, we denote with the imprecise shorthand “West”.

People living in secular societies tend to think only in terms of the present. Christians live thinking in terms of the future, and that doesn’t mean just life after death, although the latter educates the mind to think long term, rather than only of today and now.

Clearly, on the basis of empirical evidence which is historic and demographic, there is something our Western culture must have missed if this is the result facing us, the death of the West, which is lamented therefore unwanted and unpredicted.

The Death of the West

The Death of the West is in fact a book by Patrick Buchanan which describes how a civilization, culture, and moral order are dying and predicts a new world order with horrendous consequences for our freedom, faith, and democracy.

Some theories, on whose basis Europeans and other peoples of European descent have made personal and societal choices, are not as sound as it was erroneously believed. Sexual behaviour is not, after all, as uncomplicated as drinking a glass of water, but does involve more responsibilities than the 1960s and all that were proclaiming and has profound moral implications.

Rejecting the natural law, that deeply associates sexuality with reproduction, has been fashionable but not wise. Those who really believe in Christianity and act according to divine law know that, and they also know that morality has no human foundation, no more than the laws that govern nature themselves.

This is just another example of how men cannot predict the long-term consequences of their actions.


Photo credit: Pixabay