Dec, 2019
Dec, 2019
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Greta Thunberg Made Poster Child of Venice “Global Warming” Floods

The photoshopped image of teenager “climate activist” Greta Thunberg displaying an impatient attitude over the waters of flooded Venice, with the caption: “I told you”, has been widely circulating on Twitter. The implication, since the Swedish girl is particularly energetic (to the point of sacrificing school attendance) in the “fight against global warming”, as she […]

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Venice 1966 Record Flood Seen as Sign of Imminent Glaciation

Different times, different, indeed opposing, fashionable environmentalist explanations of the same phenomenon, according to the varying paradigms of the Green movement and its mouthpieces prevailing at the moment and shifting from one to the other, with little evidence to support them. Venice-born journalist Jacopo Giliberto wrote a piece in 2016 for the Italian paper Il […]

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Venice High Water Record in 53 Years

As predicted, the tide in Venice has now started receding. The peak is now 1.50 metres above the average sea level, from the initial 1.87 (6ft). Friday 16 November Venice Municipality’s Tide Forecasting and Reporting Centre of Civil Protection issued a bulletin predicting a new peak of 1.60 metres for Sunday 17 at 1.30pm, followed […]

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